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My first pieces of furniture were and (indeed still are) very ‘safe’. Neutral colours to match any existing decor. I’m starting to develop my own style and to experiment a little, but it is the creamy shades that sell the best and at the end of the day I need to earn a living over and above indulging my desire to bling!

I’ve been learning how to paint roses and my first attempts looked like something that a toddler would paint. I have improved slowly, but the lovely images in my mind’s eye don’t often appear on the paper. It’s very frustrating, but I keep having a go and hope to eventually improve and get quicker at it too.

I have also drawn some freehand pics which I would like use as a framework to paint onto furniture, but I haven’t got any suitable items at the moment. I’m on the lookout for a nice chest of drawers with plenty of flat surface space to embellish with artwork.

I do go on a bit of a detour from ‘safe’ now and then. Here’s one of my rose painted pieces of furniture, which isn’t flat textured or cream.

 It’s an Art Deco sideboard that has been painted with Annie Sloan Paint. I mixed 2 colours to give a soft sage green shade and used acrylic art paints for the roses. I’ve only just finished it, so time will tell whether or not the particular style will be popular. I like the Art Deco furniture, the lovely curves are so stylish, but it isn’t to everyones taste. Nevertheless, I like to do the odd piece of Art Deco just to ring the changes and I do believe that this type of furniture will become more popular within the next few years.