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I have purchased a court cupboard. It’s Ercol, it’s retro, it’s dark and depressing, it’s very solid and dependable, it’s just begging for a face-lift. I’ll be delighted to oblige once I get it home.  I hope it fits in my little van; thought the top and base came apart, but it’s all one piece, so I think it’ll be a struggle miracle. It has hefty bolt style fittings to the cupboard doors that are made of wood. Not sure what sort of finish they will have, but maybe inspiration will hit me when I get it home. When I get a new item, I usually grab a cup of coffee, have a thorough look at all the cupboards and fittings etc. to check for damage, and then sit for a while, sipping coffee, whilst mulling over various ideas.

There’s also a couple of French style sideboards lined up – the smaller one only just fitted in my van, so I now have to fathom out just how I’m going to get the huge one home.  I didn’t realise how enormous it was until I’d loaded the smaller.

All 3 items are very different to anything I’ve worked on previously, so I’m really looking forward to getting cracking on them. I love the buzz that working on something new and different gives me. The ideas about what I might do bounce around in my head. I’m thinking that the smaller one will look good in grey, although duck egg blue is also a possibility…

I also bought half a dozen chairs to go with a dining table I purchased a while back. Looks like I’m going to be very busy over the next few weeks!