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The ‘big un’ is finished. It took some painting and some paint! I plumped for Annie Sloan’s ‘Old Ochre’ but realised part way through that it didn’t look quite right, so went for ‘Country Grey’ instead. Here it is in its raw state – looks ok on the pic, but was a bit tired looking close-up.


I thought that the back plinth looked a little too plain once painted, so did some hand painted roses to add a touch of colour to the shabby-chic style sideboard. I don’t distress furniture for the sake of it, but the sideboard needed a little something to break up the 6ft of putty coloured paint – it looked a little too ‘perfect’ and I felt that a proper French style finish would suit it best.

As you will see from the pic below, I took the photograph when the sideboard was still on the wooded plates that I use when painting and waxing – it was just too heavy to move on my own, so stayed in situ for the photo shoot.

The Big Un

I have also just finished a writing bureau that I bought at an antique sale last week. I couldn’t wait to get to work on it and I think the Paris Grey paint contrasts well with the lovely walnut woodwork. It was very nice to work on something of a normal size after the sideboard.

Paris Grey Writing Bureau

I’m currently working on another sideboard – a smaller one this time. My husband would like it in our lounge and has spent the evening trying to persuade me to keep it. I’ve promised him that if it doesn’t sell in a month, we can keep it. I do like it very much, but it’s a case of earning a crust, over and above having a home full of nice furniture.
When I first started painting furniture, I found it difficult to have more than one item on the go at once, but as I’m gaining proficiency, my time management skills are improving. I now tend to have 2 – 4 items on the go at any one time and whilst one lot of paint is drying, I’ll be preping another item and adding the finishing touches to another. I love adding the finishing touches and feel a great sense of relief when an item is completed and ready for sale.