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Today was a VERY exciting day. I took delivery of a brand new furniture waxing brush. Not any old waxing brush, but a very posh, very expensive, hand-made one. It cost an arm and a leg, is very heavy and quite large. By this afternoon, I could stand the excitement no longer and test drove the brush on a cabinet. Mm, it did a good job, but it’s much slower than using a cloth – perhaps that’s because it’s new and I need to build up speed/technique a little.

It is quite worrying that a waxing brush should stir such feelings – I really MUST get out more:-)

I finished a little oak sideboard today – the one my husband likes. It should have been finished last night, but by 2am my eyes were blurring and I decided to leave the last bits until today. It has a month to sell, or true to my promise, I shall give it to my hubby, who wants to stand his very beloved telly on it.

As of yet, my house has none of my painted furniture in it. Not because I don’t like it (I love it), but it’s a bit like the garage owner driving around in an old banger. The furniture is a business, I have debts left over from my very expensive legal education, so everything I refurb goes on sale. However, my old and stained bathroom cabinet is well overdue a refurb, so I will make sure that it gets some much needed attention before too long.

Below is a pic of the little sideboard. It’s been painted in Annie Sloan’s ‘Old White’, with grey acrylic artwork – a hummingbird and butterflies. It’s completely different to anything else I’ve painted and I had a ball doing it (hence the 2am bedtime!).