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Here’s the Court Cabinet. I’m pleased with the effect of the colour wash on the carving; it has a softer look to it than filling in the crevices with dark wax, which I think would have looked a bit too much given the extensive amount of carved areas.

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I love the duck egg blue; it’s perfect for vintage furniture like the cabinet because it softens what might otherwise be a too formal piece of furniture.

At the moment I have no other items on the go, so will start afresh tomorrow. I’ve got a large dining table and 6 chairs to paint and re-upholster, but I need lots of space to paint the table and the weather isn’t on my side at the minute. Perhaps I’ll make a start on the chairs as they are going to take a lot of work. The backs of the chairs have carved sheafs of wheat, which should look very pretty when painted (if I do a good job that is).

The jury is still out on the expensive waxing brush I bought. I’m not fully convinced that it’s the right tool for large items, but it will probably work well on small bits of furniture. It takes a little too long to wax a large flat area and I find that the wax starts to bobble because it’s not being moved around fast enough and dries out too quickly.  I’ll keep going with it for a while longer, it might just be that I need to pick up speed. Although I don’t use as much wax with the brush (and wax is expensive stuff), a nice soft piece of white t-shirt allows more movement on the surface of the furniture and I just switch to a cheap artists brush for the carved sections.