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The new paint I ordered was delivered today. It was very well packed, so not a dent in sight. I just had to open the tins to take a look at the contents. Ooh, the Duck Egg Blue is nothing like the Annie Sloan paint of the same name; it’s much brighter and a tad lighter too. It will be really interesting to compare the 2 once I’ve painted something with the new one.

I’ve been going through an Annie Sloan stage, so everything I’ve painted recently has been chalky matt with a French style textured look. This new paint is eggshell, so it will be a nice change to work with something that gives a soft sheen finish. I do enjoy experimenting with new things; it makes my work so enjoyable and adds a touch of novelty to each piece of furniture. I love the way that there’s never full certainty as to how an item will look – although sometimes it causes a lot of work when my mind’s eye images just don’t work out in real life.!

A painted pine dining set went off to its new home today – lucky dining set thought I; it’s going to a ski resort in France.

I only have a coffee table on the go at present, as I’ve been busy helping out my husband with his work. The table was painted on Saturday and Sunday, so I decided to wax it today. Bad idea, the insects were out and about en masse, so I had to abandon all hopes of getting anywhere with it today. Each time I applied wax, some insect would land on the table and get stuck.

I finished a dining set at the weekend and need to take photographs, but the table is too large to lift without hubby to help out. It’s the first time I’ve done a dining set with 6 chairs – phew, what a lot of legs to paint and wax. The expensive waxing brush did a good job on the legs and carved detailing, so maybe it will get to earn its keep after all.

Next on the agenda is a very large and heavy oak armoire that is just begging to be updated. Pics to follow. It will need to be put somewhere where it can stay in situ for a few days, as it’s far too heavy to lift about the place. There’s a fair amount of mending to do before I start painting. The glass in one of the windows has slipped a little and there’s a handle missing from a drawer. I’m undecided whether to replace the handles with some porcelain cupboard knobs or to keep to the traditional drop style of handle currently in place. I’ll have a better idea once I’ve started work on it – there’s a heck of a lot of wood to sand and wash and prime.

So, all being well, by this time next week, I shall know whether the new paint is a delight or a disaster. I’ll keep you posted.