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Well, I do like the new paint. It goes on very smoothly and the consistency is, well, consistent, if that makes sense. It doesn’t thicken in the pot like some paints, so from that point of view, it’s easy to work with.

The finish is nice and smooth and silky. I like the fact that it’s quite matt for an eggshell.

Now for the downside. Coverage. It has taken 4 coats so far to obtain decent coverage on the armoire, and that’s on top of 2 coats of primer. The armoire is light oak too, so it’s not as though I’m trying to cover something very dark. This is a bit disappointing, but it could just be the particular shade I’m working with is a bit temperamental. I have 2 more colours yet to try, so will reserve judgment until I’ve tried those. It has made for a lot of work and the armoire has taken much longer than expected. It’s still in pieces, so I don’t really know how it will look until I start putting it back together, but seeing as it’s had so many coats of paint, it will have to sit for a few days to cure.

The paint is Designers Guild and the colour I’m currently using is Doeskin – a lovely neutral beige with a hint of grey.

I was looking forward to starting work on the hexagonal table I bought last week, but 4 chairs that I had lined up to go with it don’t match. They look too big with the dainty proportions of the table, so I’ll either have to sell the table on its own or keep a look out for 4 dainty chairs to match. All being well I’m off to an auction this weekend, so will hopefully find something to match.

So, it’s back to plan A, which is a blonde oak dining table with the 4 chairs, which are to be painted in Annie Sloan’s ‘Old Ochre’ – the colour is perfect for kitchen and dining furniture and will go well with the warm oak. The chairs need re-upholstering and I plan to do them in an old gold velevet fabric that I recently bought.