The variety!

No two items are ever quite the same, so each piece of furniture I refurb is something new and exciting. Ok, so there are similarities with some of the furniture, but each piece has its own individual character and charm. I love the outset of a refurb; where I get to take a long hard look at the item. First of all I take a look at the good bits and then the not so good bits. Questions I ask myself are:

  • What should remain ‘as is’?
  • What should be repaired/replaced?
  • What should be painted?
  • Does a particular bump or chip add character or spoil the piece?
  • What style of paint?
  • Chalk or eggshell finish?
  • What colour?
  • Are there any little finishing touches needed – new handles etc.?
  • And sometimes, when my back hurts; what on earth possessed me to buy this enormous, heavy lump of wood?

I have a little table to refurbish for my dad. It’s a plain, little, battered thing, but will look nice once the top has been sanded and the legs painted. I may do some artwork on it too – quite fancy a bird of paradise.