It’s no good, I’ve got furniture everywhere. Inside, outside, everywhere. A bookcase has been stood in my hallway for 3 weeks or more, waiting to go in the spare room, to store all of my law books. I finally got it moved last night, when a set of tables and a tv cabinet moved out to their new homes. It’s not been too bad over the Summer because I have been painting outside mostly, but now that the weather’s on the turn…

I’m sick of negotiating ‘wet paint’ furniture roundabouts and doing the 100m dash with a heavy lump of wood when the rain unexpectedly appears. So off I went today to look at a metal shed. The salesman said “Nope, it’s no good to use as a paint shed. It’ll be freezing in Winter, will drip condensation and will be like an oven in Summer”. I took a look at the metal shed anyway, but it didn’t feel right at all and it had no windows, so was dark and dismal. I made my way round to the wooden shed display area, but the economy sheds were a bit on the flimsy side, and Lincolnshire’s bloody windy in the Winter. So I’ve ended up buying a tongue and groove ‘premier workshop’ no less. It has double doors at the front, so moving furniture in and out shouldn’t be a problem and there are windows down one side, so plenty of light too. Ok, so it’s not the Ritz, but nevertheless I can’t wait to have a nice, new space for painting. Bet it won’t stay tidy and spacious for long.

Here’s a pic of a shed the same as mine.

My husband is an electrician, so maybe I’ll even get lights in there too (within the next decade or so anyway!).

I’ve been painting with Farrow & Ball paint today and it felt very strange for a while because it’s so different to the chalk paint I’ve been favouring of late. It was a bit like visiting an old friend who you haven’t seen for years – uncomfortable at first, but lovely once the ice has broken. It’s good to ring the changes, keeps my work interesting.

Off to an auction viewing tomorrow – 700+ items of furniture to peruse. Dearie me, the new shed won’t be delivered for a week and already it doesn’t stand a chance does it:-)