There’s still an hour or so’s tweaking, but I’ve more or less finished a large oak dresser that I started on Monday morning.

I started out, as usual, by sanding back the top, which was stained and varnished in dark oak finish.

Hand sanding is good for the bingo arms!!!

Not the nicest job on a Monday morning, but the results are usually pretty good if you stick with it. Sometimes I use an electric sander, but prefer to sand by hand if possible, particularly when working with oak. There needs to be just a little of the old stain left to provide an interesting patina.

Here is the top, freshly sanded, washed and waxed

The wood looks quite dark in the picture above, but it had only just been waxed – it soon lightened a shade or two.

The pic below shows the carved detail on the drawers, which I wanted to enhance with the paintwork.

carved detail to oak dresser drawers

I flat brushed the carving, so that some of the original dark oak remained. It provided a nice contrast to the cream paintwork.

flat brushed paintwork on drawer carvings

I did the same with the plinth carvings on the dresser top.


flatbrushed carved detail to plinth

This is the largest dresser I’ve painted to date and I used 95% of a whole pot of Annie Sloan’s ‘Cream’ chalk paint. My biceps are bulging!

And here it is, freshly painted, with new porcelain rose handles to the top.

Oak Dresser painted in Annie Sloan 'Cream'

 I was hoping to get cracking on a dining set tomorrow, but it looks like I’m going to be out and about delivering for a few days. I also have to collect a huge oak table that I bought at auction. It’s been finished in that horrible orange varnish that was oh so popular in the 80’s/90’s. This one is definitely an ugly duckling waiting to be turned into a beautiful swan – if I pull it off, it will look amazing, if I don’t, let’s hope ORANGE is the new black:-)