The Paint Shed is coming along nicely. Hopefully it will be useable by early next week, in time for the change in the weather – painting outside can’t go on much longer, but how I wish it could – I just love the warm weather, it’s so good for the soul.

Barrister's Horse HQ

I’ve a dining set to make a start on. I think it will take me most of next week – chairs always slow me down and there are 6 to do. I also need to have a good look at the large rustic oak table that I bought last week. I’m going to sand back a small section somewhere underneath, just to get a feel for what I have in store for the remainder of it (as if I need to know – thick orange varnish= lots of sandpaper and lots of aching arm muscles).

There are a few other items on the go as well – an antique pine workbench, a hexagonal table that’s just perfect for ladies who lunch, 2 bureaus and other bits and bobs.

Mm, looks like I have my work cut out over the next few weeks!