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My latest project is the refurb of an oak dining table and 6 chairs.

The chairs were in good condition with good bouncy seat pads. However, the upholstery was very, very frumpy. I bought some nice French fabric to re-upholster them with, and did the decent thing (took em up to my dad for him to do). I’m not completely heartless, I did buy him a couple of new tools – a staple remover and a tack remover. He was thrilled;-)

I spent half of Monday and all of Tuesday doing the dirty work – yup, the boring sanding and priming of the chairs. On a brighter note, the priming was done in my ‘tidy’ new paint shed (you will see how ‘tidy’ deteriorates very quickly).

Tidy minimalist paint shed on Monday

I’m on the lookout for a bookcase to store all my paints and associated tools, but for the minute I’m making do with some metal step ‘thingy’ that belongs to my hubby. As you can see from the pic, the dining set is/was a dark oak. The chair had been sanded and washed and was just about to get the first coat of primer.

Wednesday and the shed is starting to get full

The pic above shows the chairs part way through refurb. The chair on the far left has been primed, but hasn’t been painted. The remaining 5 have had their first coat of Designers Guild ‘Vanilla’.

State of the art facilities!

Don’t you just envy me, just look at that painting table! It’s been stuck in my garden for 3 years and I’ve used it to pot up plants etc., so it’s a tad weathered! Yup, no expense spared in fitting out my shed:-)

Today I’m doing second coats of the chairs. Although Designers Guild paint is very lovely and smooth, coverage isn’t brilliant, so the chairs will need 3 coats. I do like this colour ‘Vanilla’, it’s a very delicate cream. It makes a change to be working with Designers Guild eggshell paint instead of chalk paint; the finishes are completely different.

I daren’t show you how the shed looks today. I sent hubby out to collect ONE small piece of furniture and he came back with two, the second being a large oak dining table. The shed was meant to free up space? Mind you, it’s a cracking dining table with bulbous turned legs – just the small task of finding 6 chairs to go with it.