I’m working on a writing bureau. It’s a pretty little thing and I’ve decided to give it the ‘girly’ works.

Here it is as I bought it – nice drawers – nice handles – chip to the edge of the drop-down section, and just a tad tired.

writing bureau

Hubby came to look how I was getting on with the refurb and was somewhat shocked at what he saw. Here it is after the first coat. It still looks patchy in the pic because it needs another coat or two.

I told you it was girly!

I think it’s going to have some gold leaf around bits and bobs, and the inside will have some bling too. There’s a boring leatherette paper rest that will be replaced with some pretty fabric and there will some sort of artwork inside too. I like the idea of a complete contrast between the outside and the inside, so that there’s a bit of an ‘oh, I didn’t expect that’ factor when looking inside.

I’m also working on a client’s bureau that’s having some artwork on the front – pics to follow.

I’ll add to this post as work progresses…


Well, I did warn you it was gonna be girly!

Hand painted roses on the inside of the bureau

There’s still some work to do to the outside, but it’s nearly finished.

Paris Grey Writing Bureau

I applied some gold leaf to the curvy edge below the drop down top – I have distressed it a little, but it needs a bit more toning down as it’s a little bright at the minute. I’ll have a better idea about the gold once the paintwork has been waxed – a little wax rubbed over the gold leaf might just be enough to take away the newness.


All done. I decided to add a couple of butterflies, fluttering around each heart.

Writing bureau with hearts and butterflies

I’ve also painted a client’s bureau Paris Grey – this one has hummingbird artwork.

hummingbird bureau