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My ‘little person syndrome’ is in full swing – I bought a huge dresser last week and started work on it first thing this morning. Crikey it was heavy to lift.

In true Monday morning fashion, I got cracking with the sanding and made good progress because my hubby was on hand to help. At one point we had to move the dresser because the high winds were threatening to blow it over.

Here it is, seeking shelter from the wind, looking somewhat spotty and out of sorts.

Spotty Pine Dresser!

I take full responsibility for the spots, but it’s better than having those knots leak resin through the paintwork.

As per usual, I’m undecided on colour. Annie Sloan ‘Old Ochre’ or ‘Duck Egg Blue’, or maybe a nice neutral Designers Guild ‘Doeskin’? The Designers Guild ‘Duck Egg’ is also very pretty… I’ll sleep on it.


Well I did sleep on it and decided on ‘Old Ochre’. I haven’t painted anything in this colour for a while, but it’s one of my favourites.

Today I’m on the second coat and have all but finished the base this morning.

Large Pine Dresser Painted Annie Sloan 'Old Ochre'

I’ve got the top to paint and also have to decide what to do with the backs of the glass cabinets. I quite like the idea of some coffee bean sacking to jazz things up a bit.


I was hoping to finish the dresser today, but there are still some finishing touches to do. It has taken me all day to wax it; there’s a lot of dresser! Tomorrow I need to wash the glass cabinets; they are smeared with wax on the edges and the cupboards and drawers will also be wiped over again. Then it’s just a matter of checking over my paintwork and waxing before taking some pics of the finished article. Here’s a pic of one of the glass cabinets which I have lined with a coffee bean sack.

Pine dresser top lined with coffee bean sack


All done!

Large Pine Dresser - Annie Sloan 'Old Ochre'