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What a miserable day! Horrible damp drizzle all day.

I started a couple of new items today. One is a part finished console table that I bought from a furniture painter who has decided to call it a day. The other item is an Edwardian dressing table.

So, I’m stood outside, under Jasper’s stable canopy, sanding down the dressing table. It’s Monday, it’s miserable, I’m feeling damp and cold, wondering whether I’m certifiable or just a tad eccentric:-)

coffee break!

I managed to sand the whole of the dressing table and by dusk had done most of the first coat of primer. I really wanted to get some primer on today because the damp weather extends drying times and I want to push on a little this week. I think this one is going to be painted with Farrow & Ball ‘Elephant’s Breath’, with a little antique white here and there.

The donkey work had already been carried out on the console table, so after a few tweaks I got straight on with the painting. I’ve chosen Annie Sloan ‘Paris Grey’ – it’s one of my favourites and very classy.  I’ve wanted to paint a console table for some time, but they always fetch too much money at auction for me to be able to paint one and make any sort of profit. This one has goregeous vintage handles. I didn’t remove them completely before painting because the screws are all different sizes and I just knew that I wouldn’t be able to get them back in place if I took them out. You can see in the pic how I’ve just loosened them enough to make a little space so that I can paint behind the handles.

Annie Sloan 'Paris Grey' Console Table

I’ve also got a writing bureau to prep and may well make a start on that this evening. It’s very much in my kinda style – little Queen Ann legs and lovely vintage handles; a fancy French style of bureau, that’s right up my street. I like painting bureaux because they allow for a little more ‘expression’ and I do enjoy jazzing things up a bit. Not sure on colour yet, but seeing as I’ve one Farrow & Ball item on the go and one Annie Sloan, this one is going to be Designers Guild – either ‘Doeskin’ or ‘Warm Grey’. No rest for the wicked it seems!
Managed to finish the dressing table today. It’s the first time I’ve used Farrow & Ball ‘Elephant’s Breath’. The colour is a little paler than I’d anticipated, but it suits the dressing table very well; it’s delicate shade gives a feminine touch without being too girly. Here it is, just about finished.

Edwardian Dressing Table - F & B 'Elephant's Breath'

I emphasised the decorative bits with some Annie Sloan ‘Old White’.
Next job is to wax the console table and to add the finishing touches to a telephone seat that I painted last weekend.