I was up bright and early today (well ok, not bright, just early – I’m not a morning person).

I was just adding some finishing touches to the console table I’ve been working on; adding a little antique wax to the paintwork. All I needed to do was move the table a few inches to get around the back of it, but I dislodged a loose screw on one of the handles. I heard it hit the floor (this was on Saturday afternoon). I finally found the screw this morning, having searched high and low for hours. The table is old and the screws are all different shapes and sizes, so I couldn’t just replace the lost one with a brand spanking shiny new one – apart from size issues, it would have looked really odd. Anyway, I finally got the table finished and will be getting some photos of it later today.

As usual, I have been sanding this morning. This time it’s a dressing table base with a very nice oak top.

oak dressing table

I love the pretty drop handles and the dressing table also has some nice beading down the sides. I’ve gone all girly and am thinking of doing this one pink. Some time ago, I bought a pretty Edwardian triple mirror, that I knew would be of use one day, so I’m planning of putting it with this dressing table base. The mirror needs some repairs to the backing, but hopefully it shouldn’t be too big a job (famous last words!).

A little later than expected, I got the first coat of paint on a bureau this morning. So, it’s all go at Barrister’s Horse Towers today.