The best thing about my job is the variety.

The worst thing about my job is the variety.

Yesterday was ‘finishing’ day for the pink and white dressing table I’ve been working on. The base had been painted and tidied, so it was just a matter of deciding whether to wax or varnish the paintwork. I decided to apply a matt varnish, mainly because I thought the white painted top/shelf would be more durable.

The varnish went on nicely and then disaster; it reacted with the pink paintwork and sent it a very peculiar colour, sort of salmon pink in parts and brown in others, with the odd bit of bright red (just to add insult to injury). So, by late afternoon, after the varnish had dried, I had to sand back and apply a stain block and today’s first task is to re-paint. Luckily I hadn’t started the finishing on the mirror, so it’s just the base that’s in need of attention.

I’ve used the same varnish before without problems, so it just goes to show, you never quite know what surprises are in store with vintage furniture.