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I have bought a very lovely piece of furniture.

Presently it is in several pieces, having been dismantled for transportation. I have the dubious pleasure of trying to fathom which bit goes where when it comes to re-assembling.

Once re-assembled I need to paint it and then I will need to sell it. But what exactly is ‘it’. For the moment it is known as the ‘thingy’, but I hardly think this description will provide an acceptable title when it comes to selling it. It’s a cross between a dresser, a chiffonier, a dressing table and a sideboard – yup it’s a ‘thingy’. It’s a dark mahogany shade at the minute, so looks a bit dated, but the bare bones of the thingy are just beautiful.

Despite having no adequate description, I can’t wait to get my paintbrush around it. There’s carving everywhere; from grapes to flowers to scrolls and leaves. I’ve spent the weekend thinking just how I’m going to make those lovely carvings ‘pop’ and have more or less settled on flat brushing them with a contrasting colour, with perhaps the odd splash of gold gilding. I may change my mind and go for some dark waxing; I’ll have a better idea once the base paint goes on.

If the weather is decent tomorrow, I’ll grab some before pics of the thingy and in the meantime hope to have a eureka moment with an adequate description; I just don’t think ‘painted carved thingy’ cuts the mustard.


As promised, here she is, the ‘thingy’. She has no shame, being photographed without her drawers (and mirror) – whatever next!

the 'thingy'

lots of carving to have fun with

 Ok, so the picture below isn’t very clear and the ‘thingy’ isn’t anywhere near finished yet, but here it is so far.

part painted ‘thingy’
As you can see, I have left quite a bit of the original finish exposed – I really want to make those carvings pop. I’ve used Annie Sloan ‘Duck Egg Blue’, with flashes of ‘Old White’. I’ll have a think about some touches of gold gilding once the painting is completed.
I should be waxing furniture today, but my wax is too cold to be malleable, so I’ve brought it into the kitchen to soften up a bit. My paint shed isn’t very warm! It seems a far cry from the summer, when I opened a new tin of wax and the (too) warm liquid contents spilled out over my shoes.
Hopefully I should be able to get a bureau and the ‘thingy’ finished by tomorrow. I will then have to hope for a little window of decent weather to grab some pics.
Thursday Evening
I ended up having to wax the  ‘thingy’ in my kitchen because it was just too cold to work in the paint shed. Below are a couple of pics which don’t really do it justice – the flash on my camera has distorted the colours, but I’m sure you get the gist of the style I’ve used. I wanted the ‘thingy’ (hold on, I can’t keep calling it ‘thingy’; I’ll settle for ‘dresser’, it’s as good a description as any) dresser to look as though it had been sat in a swish Parisian apartment for the last 60 years and I hope I’ve pulled that look off.

duck egg blue dresser/sideboard

complete with muddy boots!

I’d love to say that it was a difficult piece to paint, but it was great fun. All that carving made my job easy. I’ve used flashes of Annie Sloan ‘Old White’ to highlight bits and gold gilding wax to add a touch of opulence. There’s lots of the original wood showing through; it adds contrast and really makes those carvings pop.  I buffed the flat table tops to make them durable, but the remainder has been left matt; there’s enough going on without the addition of a bucket full of shine.
Weather permitting I’ll get some ‘proper’ pics tomorrow.

Annie Sloan Duck 'Egg Blue' Dresser/Sideboard

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