It was a straight forward project. 1 x Edwardian dressing table base in excellent order, to be painted and teamed up with an Edwardian mirror. Well first of all the pink colour I mixed for the dressing table drawers was too pale when it dried, so I had to start again with a darker shade. Then the matt varnish reacted with the paint, sending it all sorts of weird and horrible shades. Rinse and repeat the painting process…

Next up, the mirror was too big.

Now I’m in the process of painting another mirror and just wonder what will go wrong this time. I’m starting to believe that the dressing table has got it’s feet under the table at Barrister’s Horse Towers and just doesn’t want to leave.

So, once that project is finished, and no, I’m not holding my breath, I need to start afresh with some new refurbs. There are 2 dining sets in the pipeline and a few other smaller projects.

at last!

My neighbour has an antique work bench that was in one of the coach house outbuildings when she bought the house a few years ago. It’s very lovely, with old paint dribbles down the sides. She has no use for it, so I offered to refurbish and sell it. I’m not planning on sanding back all of its character; there needs to be some of its history on show, but it does need a small amount of tidying up before going on sale, perhaps as a kitchen island or a hall table. Pics to follow…