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I went to an auction viewing on Friday. Due to a traffic accident, I had to de-tour and by the time I got to the auction house, time was running against me. A very quick look at all 700 lots ensued at break neck speed. I was looking primarily for one or two big dressers, but there wasn’t anything suitable in that department. I did spot a few items of interest, but whereas I usually have a short list of 20 – 30+ items, this time there were only 11.

My husband got up early on Saturday morning to feed Jasper (aka the barrister’s horse) and let me have a lovely lie in (bliss!!!). I was woken from my slumber to a lovely mug of coffee. I yawned and stretched leisurely, glanced at the clock and shot out of bed like a rocket – it was 10am and the auction was already underway. Washed, dressed, thermos, butties and in the van in 20 mins. By the time I got to the auction, a few of the lots I was interested in had already gone through, but the star of the show was still to go through.

It’s another ‘thingy’. I thought it was a kitchen armoire, or a tall boy, or a linen press. Oh well, the auctioneer was bound to know what it was and I eagerly awaited his description. “A cupboard” is how he unhelpfully described it. I stuck my hand up to bid on the ‘cupboard’ and was ignored by the auctioneer; there were lots of hands going up. I gather the auctioneer didn’t think the ‘cupboard’ was going to be popular, because he started the bidding at £2 and was somewhat taken aback by the flurry of bidding. I hung on in there and am pleased to say that the wonderfully described ‘cupboard’ is being delivered in the next day or two. It cost an arm and a leg, and unlike most of the things I buy at auction, this item won’t have much work done to it, just some tidying up. The biggest problem will be parting with it – it’s my kinda thing: chunky, rustic and quirky.

There is just one slight problem. I thought I’d had a bid on a set of velvet chairs, but somewhere at the back of my mind whilst I was merrily bidding, I heard the auctioneer say “gateleg“. It took about 20 seconds for the word ‘gateleg’ to sink in, which was a slight problem, because the bidding was over in 15 seconds and I was the ‘lucky’ winner of the er… ‘gateleg’. I couldn’t bring myself to look at the invoice when I paid, and had to hand it over to the delivery driver, so I have the dubious pleasure of finding out what ‘gateleg’ is when it arrives with the other items.

So, what have you bought” said my husband. “A cupboard, a small Ercol dresser, a coffee table and a surprise” said I. “Bloody hell Jackie” said husband unsympathetically, when I told him about the ‘gateleg’. “You never know” said I “it could be the bargain of the century“. “Humph” was hubby’s unimpressed response.