Happy Christmas:-)

Alas, I have no room at the Inn. The items I purchased at auction last Saturday were delivered on Thursday night. The ‘gateleg’ lot consisted of the 4 chairs I thought I’d bid on, but also included an oak table that I was unaware of – hence the auctioneer’s ‘gateleg’ description.

At this moment in time, there is furniture everywhere and a part-painted writing bureau is pretending to be a kitchen island in the middle of my (small!) kitchen. I need to find somewhere for it to go for a couple of days, but quite where is a mystery at this minute. Maybe some re-arranging in the garage will provide enough space.

I wanted to buy enough furniture to keep me busy through January, so that if the weather turns bad, I won’t have to drive to the auctions and load furniture on ice.  My little van just doesn’t grip well on the icy roads and the gritters don’t do all of the country lanes around here. I’d already got a few items waiting to be refurbished and bought at auction to top me up. Maybe I bought a tad too much! My paint shed is crammed full; there’s furniture everywhere.

Oh well, I shall be kept busy in the New Year, that’s for sure.