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I couldn’t decide whether to go for roses or birds on the inside of the latest bureau, so did a bit of both.

hand painted roses and bird on inside of bureau

It’s the first time I’ve painted a bird that’s not been in silhouette, so it was a step up for me in the art department. I did enjoy working on it; it was much better than the lifting of a large oak kitchen armoire earlier today – my poor back!

My hubby went into town earlier today to pick up some cushion inners for a couple of cushions I want to make to go with the double rocking horse I’ve been working on. Alas, the shop was shut, so my dubious needlework skills will have to wait until another day (phew). I’ve never been very good at sewing and don’t own a sewing machine, so everything takes ages to sew by hand. I really ought to invest in a sewing machine; it would make life easier – if only I could remember how to thread one!