Happy New Year!

I was glad to see the back of 2011, it was a tough year for many. Hopefully 2012 will start to see things brighten up a little.

I’ve had a day off, well almost anyway. I did an hour’s work on a piece of furniture, which is more or less a day off. The next few days are full of paperwork, but I hope to get the odd hour or two’s painting in here and there.

A coffee table has been prepped and I’ve an Ercol dresser lined up, along with a barley twist table and a few other items. Oh there’s also 6 dining chairs and… come to think of it, there’s loads to do!

I really want to crack on with work for the next couple of weeks and make an industrious start to the New Year. And I really do have to make some effort with the state of my other career-in-waiting. I failed to obtain a pupillage (trainee barrister’s job) last year and hope to have a little more luck this year (just getting an interview would be nice!). I really do enjoy painting furniture, but I did study for 8 years to become a barrister and ultimately it does, in the long run, pay better than refurbishing furniture. I should have made more effort on the law front last year, but time just wasn’t on my side and my father-in-law’s battle with cancer meant that I was the main bread winner for several months because my husband was needed elsewhere.

There are lots of ideas that I want to put into practice this year. I love nothing more than trying new techniques, paints, finishes etc. I bought some delicious fabrics before Christmas and am eager to see them put to good use.

So, I wonder where my destiny lies in 2012, paintbrush or curly wig? Time will tell I suppose. Even if I do get a pupillage, the positions seldom start straight away, Chambers usually recruit a year in advance, so I won’t be hanging up my paintbrush for some time, whatever happens.

I need to get out and about buying too. Although my shed and outbuildings are packed to the rafters, I plan to turn furniture around a little quicker because my husband is giving me a hand for a few weeks. My plans will be at the mercy of the British weather and the 70mph winds that are predicted over the coming days might just delay progress a tad!