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Having been some time since I painted a dresser, I now have 2 on the go. One is the chunky Ercol mentioned in my previous post. That has been painted in Annie Sloan ‘Duck Egg Blue’ and will be waxed tomorrow. The other dresser is a pretty Edwardian barley twist, with some nice handles and appliques. Here it is being sanded down:

Edwardian dresser base being sanded down

 I’d thought of painting it Paris Grey, but have just bought a tin of Annie Sloan ‘Louis Blue’. It’s a new colour to me and I’m itching to try it out, so I might use it on the dresser.

This afternoon I had some pictures to take and was assisted by my artistic director, non other than Jasper (aka The Barrister’s Horse). Here he is supervising the proceedings (‘supervising’ included pulling the aerial off my van and scraping his teeth down the windscreen because he was trying to eat the tax disc on the inside of the glass):

Butter wouldn't melt!

 As you can see, his winter plumage includes a moustache:-) He wears it away in the summer eating grass, but in the winter his diet contains a lot of hay, so he acquires facial hair en masse. Er, there also appears to be a bit of nasal hair going on too – he’s still the apple of my eye though:-)