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I should be waxing the barley twist dresser today, but we had a very sharp frost last night and it’s still very cold today, so I’m going to leave the paintwork an extra day.

The backboards to the dresser top have been painted in Old White to add a little contrast to the Louis Blue.

Dresser Top -Louis Blue & Old White

 I expect that the paint will be a shade darker once waxed, as is usually the case with chalk paint.

You can perhaps see that there is a toothbrush in a glass in front of the dresser top. It isn’t that I get the urge to brush my teeth whilst painting:-) I’ve had a problem with a piece of oak furniture that reacted to being rinsed with water following sanding, so I had to treat it with oxalic acid to remove some tannin stains. The toothbrush was used to scrub the acid solution into the woodwork; it was very fiddly but effective. This task was carried out whilst I was wearing rubber gloves and huge goggles to protect my eyes from splashes. Oh, and I was also wearing a pink bobble hat and because it was so cold yesterday. I’m amazed my husband could keep his hands off me; I must have looked ravishing:-)

Here’s the base, minus the drawer handles, which have yet to be re-attached. I’ve painted the drawer rims in Old White and have also flashed over the handles and floral appliques in Old White to marry the colours with the dresser top. It’s very frustrating; when an item gets to this stage, I’m eager to see it finished, but it’s just too cold for wax to spread over cold paintwork. Maybe tomorrow…

Barley Twist Dresser Base

 And here’s what it looked like before.

Sanding in progress


Here’s the dresser finished at last.

Barley Twist Dresser painted Annie Sloan 'Louis Blue' & 'Old White'