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Some weeks back, well ok, some months back, I blogged about a mahogany sideboard I’d started work on. I bought the sideboard ages ago and somehow just couldn’t settle on how to go about refurbishing it. I ‘started work’ on it on several occasions, but never got around to actually getting anywhere with it. The last time I worked on it, I stripped back the varnish top and then lost the will to live! Yup, that varnish took hours to remove and it’s still hanging on for dear life in places.

It took hours to make it look this bad!

Tomorrow is yet another ‘what to do with the mahogany sideboard’ day. But this time I’m determined to at least see some progress.

I’m fine with ugly ducklings, they just beg to be given a new lease of life, but this sideboard is already beautiful, with lots of exquisite carving, it’s just a bit dated. I’m frightened of spoiling it by getting it wrong, so have left it and left it, but it’s now time to grab the bull by the horns and get on with it. I’ve gotten too ‘up close and personal’ with this item of furniture, so need the assistance of my husband to get me back on track.

Mahogany carved sideboard

As for paint. Well, last night I’d decided on Annie Sloan ‘Country Grey’ and ‘Old White’. That changed to ‘Paris Grey’ and ‘Old White’ this morning. I’m now contemplating Farrow & Ball ‘Elephant’s Breath’ with one of their white’s, although I’m such a sucker for ‘Duck Egg’. I’m hoping that once I’ve done some more prep to the sideboard, a colour scheme will pop into my head and stay there!

I also have another project that’s been mothballed. A huge oak dining set. The table top is too heavy for me to move about, so I have to enlist the help of my hubby and our 6ft 4″ neighbour to do the lifting. But it’s been too cold to keep moving the table around, so it’s also waiting patiently for some tlc. I’ve gotten a bit further with that. The table just needs a final fine sanding and oiling/waxing, but I need some warmer weather to do a decent job of it. Roll on Spring!

I’m off on my travels on Friday to an auction viewing. I’ve very little raw stock at the minute, so need to do some buying. I went to a couple of auction viewings today, but nothing took my eye, so hopefully Friday’s viewing will be a little more exciting.


Well, the sideboard top has had a thorough going over with sandpaper and I’ve prepped the rest of it ready to start painting tomorrow. I would love to say it all went beautifully, but at one point I booted my plastic stool across the garden because the primer wasn’t going on smoothly – very childish, but extremely satisfying:-)

I haven’t primed behind the carvings because I’m planning on just putting a wash of colour to the background, which has a canvas type texture (lots of tiny squares). I want some of the original stain to show through. Here’s a pic of my progress.

sideboard carvings

 And here’s another.

more carvings