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It is quite clear that one has to suffer for one’s art. I went base over appex this evening whilst carrying a coffee table. The coffee table’s fine, it had a soft landing (me) but I ache all over and my husband found it hilarious, so my pride is hurting too.

I spent yesterday evening and today working on an antique trunk. Not quite my usual kinda thing, but a change is as good as a rest. The biggest job was rubbing the rust off the metalwork; dirty work and mind numbingly boring, but the result was pleasing.

military trunk coffee table

I’m struggling with my hands at the minute. They are dry and rough! I spend so much time sanding and washing down furniture, all the oils get washed out of my hands and hand creams just aren’t working. One of my Chrismas gifts was some body butter – I think it’s time I started using it!

Not too sure what I’ll be painting this week, much depends on the weather.

I bought a few items at auction on Saturday, the biggest is a lovely pine dresser that has some nice arches and spice drawers. I also bought a French walnut dining table, a demi-lune cabinet and a writing bureau. So, if the weather’s awful I’ll be painting the bureau and the cabinet, if the weather’s good, the dresser will be refurbished and painted (mostly outside). The auction was busier than usual, so many of the items on my list went for more than I was willing to pay. Nevertheless, I have enough furniture to keep me busy for a couple of weeks.