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Things had just gotten ridiculous in the paint shed. There was so much furniture in there that I could barely find space to work. In the summer and autumn I was able to move things outside for a few hours and move them back in at the end of the day when I’d finished working, but come the winter months things became more difficult. I thought that perhaps I could limp along and make do with what I’d got, but the last couple of weeks have been awful and I’ve spent far too much time moving furniture around trying to make space to paint.

I was offered some storage space in a coach house across the road, but worried about taking on more expense with rent. But today I moved some finished items over there and my paint shed is once more a paint shed. It felt wonderful to walk inside the shed and see space. More importantly I can get cracking on some big items that have been shelved for far too long. My dressers sell well and I love doing them, so I’ve got 2 lined up for refurb. The first is a medium size oak dresser, with lovely carving, the second is a big pine dresser; with spice drawers and plate arches, it’s the one that I bought at auction last weekend.

oak dresser

The pic above shows the oak dresser. The base unit shelf has been sanded down, the rest of it is as I bought it.

Here’s the pine dresser, with the shelf part sanded. Although the shelf was in very good condition, the wax finish was a little too dark for what I wanted, so it’s being sanded back to its natural wood.

pine dresser

This dresser has obviously been cherished. The cupboards and drawers were lined with immaculate paper and the wood inside is perfect; there was even a little wood curl or two right at the back – just as though it had come straight out of the maker’s workshop.

In hindsight, I should have bitten the bullet and taken on more storage weeks ago, the lack of space here made it near impossible for me to paint the bigger items and my work progress slowed down significantly.

There’s also the mahogany sideboard that is primed and ready for the top coats, but somehow I’m still reluctant to re-commence work on it. I’ve changed my mind on the paint and colour yet again, so it’s quite clear that I don’t yet have a clear vision of how it should look when finished. I took a couple of minutes to look over it again this evening, but I’m no further on. I’ll glance at it tomorrow whilst I’m working on the oak dresser and will hopefully get a clearer picture in my mind’s eye as to what will best suit it. I’m really very fond of the sideboard, I give it a gentle pat when I walk past it, but my oh my, it’s been with me far too long and I do need to get it done and dusted SOON!