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I brought the pine workbench home to work on. Here it is in the raw:

I’m planning on sanding back the top a little, but leaving the paint splashes on the front. I’ll need to do something with the cork layer on the bottom shelf, it’s welded on with glue and rusty screws, so removal isn’t an option. It’ll probably be treated with a sealant and bonding agent, then painted.

I do need to be very careful not to strip away all of it’s vintage charm and end up with a ‘new’ pine bench; that’s not what I have in mind at all.

There are some lovely thick dowels to the top that I want to expose and I also like the 3 holes in the top where a vice once sat.

Due to the cold temperatures, I doubt that it’ll be painted for a few days, but I can make a start of the dirty work and leave the fun bit until the weather improves. Hopefully, there will be a kitchen island or console table to be had out of it once the work is done.

Progress pics to follow…