Every picture tells a story. This morning’s task was the swift taking of photographs of my latest items. It was cold!

Frosty photo of pine dresser

The dresser is one I blogged about earlier and as planned, I painted it in Annie Sloan’s ‘Old Ochre’.

By 4pm the snow started to fall and I had to do a quick nip to the paddock to bring in Jasper. I have to lead him through the village, so it can be a perilous trip when the weather turns, particularly when the cars don’t slow down.

I’m not really sure what I shall do next week if the weather doesn’t improve? I’ve a few things lined up, but it’s just too cold for the paints to go on properly, so it’s a waiting game…

I’d planned on going to a sale today, but decided against it yesterday; there’s no point doing a megga buy if I can’t refurbish the furniture.

Oh well, once the warmer weather does arrive I shall be very busy, so I might as well make the most of this little rest.