Eight years of legal training has taught me to be methodical (*please note ‘methodical’ does not stretch to ‘tidy’ – that would be asking too much). I like to start new things on a Monday morning; alas I’m disappointed this week because I’ve loads of odds and ends that need tying up this week before I can get stuck into something completely different.

There’s an oak table to sand, prep, paint and wax, that’s to go with 4 dining chairs that have already been painted and were re-upholstered over the weekend (by one frightened lady and one husband who is a maniac with a staple gun – there were several near misses when I was holding the fabric in place!). I chose a lovely Parkertex fabric called ‘Salcombe Rose’ and its sepia/charcoal shades match the Annie Sloan ‘French Linen’ paint beautifully. I’ll try to remember to take some pics of the chairs tomorrow; they’re my latest ‘crush’.

There’s also the walnut table to wax and ‘bling’ (I’m planning on adding some gold leaf/gilding) – I’ll enjoy that, I love faffing about and adding the pretties at the end of the ‘slog bit’. I need to take some pictures, but the weather’s against me a little, so that’ll probably have to wait. My ever patient, neighbour’s antique pine bench is sat looking very neglected and really must be pulled in this week. I’ve also got a couple of commissions to complete and goodness know how many items to deliver/send off with the courier.

So, it’s going to be a week or tying up loose ends, making a start on a few items and somewhere in between, sourcing some new items to paint. I’ve a couple of local auctions to visit and another that’s not so local. I bought nothing last week – I did short list half a dozen items, but none really floated my boat, so I decided to give them a miss.

There will also be some chopping and changing to do, with furniture being moved out of my paint shed and across the road to the Coach House and furniture moving out of the Coach House to new homes. I don’t like this aspect of the job; there’s a lot of heavy lifting and it makes me ache.

I like to take a look at the site stats for this blog and often laugh at some of the search terms that bring people here. Someone visited me twice today whilst searching for an ‘ugly oak table barley twist’. Mm, I do hope they DIDN’T find what they were looking for. Earlier in the week the search term ‘painted barrister’ brought someone here. Ok, so I sometimes get paint in my hair, on my face, on my clothes, but I’m not really a painted barrister, just one that can’t get a pupillage. Someone also asked ‘Does elephant’s breath smell?’. I guess they are still searching for the answer to that:-)


Well I did remember to take some pics of the chairs whilst waxing them. Here’s the top of one of them:

Carved oak dining chair in French Linen

 The chairs were being waxed in my dad’s workshop because he has heat in there (woo hoo!). He wandered in to take a look at what I was doing and said “What are you going to do with the bits at the top with the wood showing through?”. “They’re meant to be like that” said I. “Oh” said dad and wandered out again:-)

Whilst I was waxing, my hubby was sanding down the dining table. Here it is, just a few minutes into the refurb:

1930's oak dining table

 There’s some nice carving on the legs:

refectory dining table base with carving

 I should point out that this is not the way to safely sand down a table top! Wet grass, extension cable….  My husband is an electrician, who should know better! Oh well, he lived to tell the tale.

The finished dining set can be seen on this post: https://thebarristershorse.wordpress.com/2012/02/15/2-down-still-lots-to-go/