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The pine bench had its first coat of paint this morning and the paint shed doors were left open to allow the breeze to dry the paintwork. The breeze did the trick and I got the second coat on this afternoon. It’ll be waxed over the weekend and hopefully up for sale by Sunday evening.

I’ve made a start on a writing bureau too, which is going to be Annie Sloan ‘Country Grey’ and ‘French Linen’. My husband picked up a dining set for me today, which I bought privately. It’s a really cute pine table with 2 little benches to go with it. I have a couple of small farmhouse chunky chairs that could go with it to make it a six setting dining set, but I’m not sure whether this will overcrowd the table. I’ll have a better look at it tomorrow and decide what to do. It won’t be started for a day or two, so I’ve plenty of time to have a think about the paint. I love Annie Sloan ‘Old Ochre’ with pine, but I’m itching to try the new Farrow and Ball paint shades I bought last week. We’ll see…?

Tomorrow is a non-painting day. I really must do some housework in the morning and in the afternoon I’m off to an auction viewing with my dad. I used to go alone, but my dad quite enjoys a change of scenery, and it’s a bit of a trip down memory lane for him. Before retiring, he used to make fitted kitchens and sell furniture. I’ve still got 2 sets of drawers that I scrounged off him years ago. They were considered old fashioned then, but are bang in vogue at the minute. Very plain and functional, they are ex-RAF standard furniture and are incredibly well made (except for the handles, some of which were put on upside-down).

I’m on the lookout for large dressers tomorrow, but whether or not there’s anything at the auction house remains to be seen.