I’m awaiting the arrival of some new furniture paints to trial. They are a brand that is new to the furniture market, although they have an existing range of ‘normal’ paints – i.e. the stuff you put on walls.

Once the paints arrive, I’ll be trying them out on some smaller pieces of furniture to see what they are like to work with, what the finish is like and how they compare to other brands of paint used on furniture.

If the trials are successful, and I’m happy with the products, I’m going to be one of the experts for the brand – a sort of agony aunt for furniture painters, who can refer to me for advice on the products.

It feels a bit like Christmas and I can’t wait for those pots of colour to arrive. There is a very extensive range of colours to choose from (130 I think). Bloody hell! Those of you who read my blog regularly will know what a fuss I make about choosing colours now – what on earth will I be like with 130 to pick from. Nothing will ever get painted – I’ll just sit in my shed sipping coffee muttering “But that blue one is nice as well, and what about the pale grey, or perhaps I should go classic cream…?”

Anyway, the paints aren’t expected for about a week and then I’ll be a while experimenting, but will post some pics of my befores, durings and afters once I’ve got my grasping little mits on taken delivery of those trial pots.