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You will have to be of a certain age to recognise the title to this post (it’s a cheesy song by Mud). I’m coming toward the end of a bureau refurb and it has the most wonderful claw feet – hence the title.

Lovely big claw feet with carved detail

 Note the tin of tomatoes in the background – it’s not a weird craving I have whilst painting, I just use the empty tins for mixing colour washes.

Here’s the bureau just before waxing:

Bureau in Annie Sloan 'French Linen' & 'Country Grey'

The paintwork has been distressed a little – I thought that a little of the original wood colour showing through would suit the Frenchy style of the bureau.

Here’s the bureau after waxing, with handles back in place:

Waxed and handles back on

I’m also working on an Edwardian dressing table that’s being remodelled into a console table. Here it is in the raw (not a pretty sight):

As you can see, there's a lot of work to do.

 But there are some lovely features to work with:

Nice detailing to this Edwardian piece

 My original plan was to sand back fully the table top and bottom shelf and just wax them, but I didn’t like the graining; it’s a bit too ‘loud’ for such a pretty piece:

Sanded and priming in progress

So I’ve decided to paint all of it.

The screws holding the handles in place refused to loosen, so they have had to stay in place. It’s always easier to remove handles if possible; it makes the painting easier, but old furniture has a mind of its own.

Primed and resting overnight before the first coat of paint

 The decorative plinth has been re-attached and is being held in place overnight with clamps. Now all I have to do is choose which paint to use – Farrow & Ball ‘Lamp Room Gray’ or ‘French Gray’ are the favourites.


Writing bureau in Annie Sloan 'French Linen' & 'Country Grey'


As you can see from the pic above, the bureau is finished. I added some French script to the inside, along with a hand painted white rose:

A hand painted white rose to decorate the inside

 I also finished the console table today:

Console Table in Farrow & Ball 'Lamp Room Gray'

 Whilst I was painting the console, my husband was busy doing the prep on a lovely little pine dining set. Here’s one of the bench seats just after the sanding:

Pine Bench, sanded and ready for priming

 And here it is being knot blocked and primed:

It's easier to work with the bench upside down

 It was nice to work in some warm weather for a change – hopefully spring is on its way.