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You might have noticed some big hairy hands knocking about in my recent pics. They aren’t mine, honest – they belong to my husband.

Since the New Year I’ve gotten busier and busier and hubby is more or less helping me out full time. When I say ‘helping me out’, I’d like you to interpret that quite broadly in light of recent events.

I had a few items to pick up from the auction house, but wanted to push on with some painting, so I sent hubby along to collect the furniture. One of the items is an Edwardian dressing table with 3 drawers and 5, yes 5 handles. It had 6 this morning, and 6 when I bid on it, but by the time it came home there were just the 5. “Oh yes”, said hubby. “Don’t worry, I heard something clang when I was loading the dressing table; it’ll be in the van”. It wasn’t. “Oh, it’ll be on the floor at the auction house; I’ll go back and pick it up”. It wasn’t on the floor at the auction house, or anywhere else come to that. So I have a dressing table with 5 lovely, ornate Edwardian handles and a space where the 6th should be. *Tut*.

There was a similar event a few months back. I bought a pine dresser at auction and it was finished in that bright orange 90’s varnish. It took me ages to sand away that orange varnish, but eventually I sanded through to the natural pale gold pine. I got up one morning, looked out the back and saw yellow! Hubby had decided to help me out by dressing the dresser top with linseed oil, which had sent the pine a bright shade of orangey yellow, pretty much the same colour it was when I brought it back from the auction. I had to wait days for the linseed to harden and then had to sand back the dresser top again! That linseed oil sure did penetrate deeply into the pine. I could have cried (in fact I probably did).

The new paint samples arrived today. The sample pots are very small, so I’ll have to find some little items to paint. I have a demi-lune bedside table that’s up for a refurb, so may well try one of the samples on that. Before I do any experimenting, I have a pine dining set to finish off (it’s the one in my previous post). It’s very cute and is being painted in Farrow & Ball ‘French Gray”. It’s the first time I’ve used this colour and I like its soft sage hues; they go well with pine.

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I have several items to pick up from a dealer at some point over the next few days. One of the items is a lovely light oak chest of drawers with pretty drop handles. I’m looking forward to the refurb on that; there’s some lovely features to play around with. Not sure on colour yet, but it’s definitely an Annie Sloan type of item. I’m fairly certain that the chest of drawers has 6 handles and I intend to keep it that way – I’ll pick em up myself:-)