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Despite my best efforts I just haven’t ploughed on as I’d hoped this week. I managed to finish the Edwardian chest of drawers and the painting of the Ercol is coming along nicely (I went for Duck Egg Blue again), but there should have been more progress on a few other items. I’ve a couple of small items lined up, but have sold all my dining sets, so must get on with a couple of those. Dining sets always take me an age to do; it’s all those legs. There’s been a lot of furniture going out this week and packing it always takes time.

There’s an oak barley twist table that’s very dark oak at the minute. It’ll be sanded down and painted, along with 4 ladder back chairs to go with it. The chairs will have some new upholstery as presently they are a hideous floral beige/pink tapestry design. I’ve also got 6 farmhouse chairs and have a choice of 3 tables to match with the chairs.

For the first time this year, I was too warm today whilst painting. Lovely! I had the Ercol dresser top propped up against the shed wall and the sun was beaming down on my shoulders and back – bliss.

I should have gone to a couple of auctions  this week, but time ran away with me. The paint shack had gotten overcrowded again, so I moved some stuff over to the coach house today and made room for some other stuff to go in there. I do like a bit of space when painting, but seldom seem to get enough room.

I’d hoped to try the new furniture paint this week, but haven’t had a chance yet. Hopefully next week will see things move along a bit quicker.

Pics of the latest refurbs to follow…