I was hoping to get a dresser waxed this morning, but we had drizzle earlier and my paint shack is too crowded to do that sort of work in at the minute (I bend down and my bum knocks over various paraphernalia – I’d like to say it’s the shed that’s small, not my bum that’s big, but…)

So, instead of waxing, I decided to put the new paint through its paces. It’s quite a useful experiment because I have 2 identical pine console tables that are being painted. They’ve both been prepped in exactly the same way (sanded and primed); one is being painted in Farrow & Ball ‘French Gray’, the other in the new paint. The reason I went for the French Gray is that it’s a fairly similar colour to the new one, so I’ll get a good idea about coverage and finish. Here are the tables after their first coats:

French Gray on the left, new chalk paint on the right

My first impression of the paint is that it’s nothing like Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP) to work with. The paint is thinner in texture and when it’s first painted on, it is more like painting with one of the acrylic eggshell paints. It goes on very smoothly. The drying time is longer than the ASCP, which could be a bonus in summer, when ASCP dries on contact and can be problematic if you want to go back over a section (the paint tends to lift and drag). I do have a soft spot for ASCP, so the new paint will be fairly tested with me. When the new paint was first applied, it looked very much like the French Gray eggshell, with a fair bit of sheen, but the first coat did try matt. I’m second coating this afternoon and will hopefully wax it tomorrow or Monday.

Coverage of the new paint was comparable to the French Gray. I’d have liked to put the paint on a bit more generously, but only have small pots to work with.

This is what the paint looked like after the second coat. My hubby was still painting the French Gray table, so I didn’t get a side by side pic:

the chalk paint after second coat

The paint was still a little wet on the drawers when I took the pic, hence it looks a bit patchy, but it did dry evenly. Here’s a side view:

side view after second coat of chalk paint

What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than watching paint dry:-)

The paint dried ultra matt, pretty much the same as ASCP but with less texture (because it goes on thinner). The second coat went on nicely, with enough ‘grab’, but no dragging. I had to go over one leg a third time, but I think that was down to ‘pilot error’ in poor light, rather than the paint being poor on coverage. I’m going to reserve my opinion of the paint until it’s been waxed, but at the minute I’m loving it. It goes on smooth, dries nicely and that all important matt finish is there. I found that the second coat dried a little quicker than the first coat, but I did have time to go over some bits that I wasn’t happy with, without the paint getting dragged off, or going into chalk balls. I found it easier to get into the nooks and crannies with this paint, because it’s that bit thinner, it’s easier to ‘chisel’ the paint into the corners. Quite often, I have to use a small artist’s brush to get into corners with the ASCP, particularly with the second coats when the paint goes on thickly.

I haven’t been given any specific instructions on waxing, so will wax the new paint in the same way that I do the ASCP. If I’m happy with the finish, I’m going to need some 1 litre pots of the paint to try it on some bigger items. The colour cards show some very pretty shades; there are lots of greys, blues and creams/beiges to choose from. The colours I’ve already been given aren’t particularly to my taste, so I’ll be wanting some shades that are within the range of colours I currently use with other brands.

I’ll keep you posted…