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Well the jury has been out since Saturday afternoon, the decision delayed until the final procedure took place; that of waxing.

Here is the verdict:

I was quite surprised when I started to wax. I’m so used to waxing Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, that I sort of went into auto pilot with the waxing procedure. The wax goes on differently with the new chalk paint; it’s less absorbant to start with, so the initial wax goes on smooth and quick. I had to adjust (reduce) the amount of wax I usually have on my cloth when waxing Annie Sloan chalk paint. I did find that the wax absorbs after a moment and the chalk paint needed a quick wax over again to catch the bits in the nooks and crannies.

There was virtually no paint colour uplift onto my waxing cloth, but it was a small item that I was painting and in a mid-range colour. The paint was very forgiving of my morning patch-up, when I had to go over some bits that I’d missed – the paint still waxed nicely, despite only having a couple of hours to dry. I’ve found that I can’t do that with the Annie Sloan paint because it needs longer to dry and just lifts if waxed too soon.

The finish is ultra matt and smooth, with just a very subtle pigmentation variation. I didn’t try buffing to a sheen because I wanted the console chalky matt. I used a little less wax than I do with Annie Sloan chalk paint because the new paint doesn’t seen to ‘drink’ as much.

I tried nothing fancy with the console; just a straight forward paint and wax, so it will be interesting to see how the new paint performs when used to create paint effects.

What is the new paint? It’s called Autentico Vintage.

I’m contemplating becoming a stockist of the paint, but won’t be stocking all 130 colours! But first I want to try a few more items in some different colours. I’m very impressed so far, particularly with the smoothness of the paint – I found it quite straight forward to get on with.

I’ve got 4 colours on their way to try ‘proper’ – in big pots, to use on big furniture. I went for my usual types of colours and have ordered: Ivory, Polar Blue (which is a pale duck egg), a full size pot of the Frozen Fountain (the grey colour I just tried out) and a rich cream/beige called Cocos.

Here’s a slide show of the console which has been painted in Autentico Vintage ‘Frozen Fountain’. I’ve included a few pics of the Farrow & Ball ‘French Gray’ console too, just so that you can compare the finishes.

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I don’t plan to abandon Annie Sloan or Farrow & Ball; they each have lovely paints, but the Autentico Vintage has new things to offer.