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Spring is in the air and I’ve gone all girly with my latest items; both occasional tables. Here’s one of them (on the right in the pic) as it looked when it came home with me from the auction:

Edwardian occasional table, with a miniature drop leaf table

And here it is now:

Distressed and dark waxed to add antique style

As you can see, it’s quite flowery:

Occasional table, painted in 'French Linen'

I went for Annie Sloan ‘French Linen’ as I wanted something cool in colour to balance the ultra girly shabby roses.

I also bought a miniature drop leaf oak table at the auction – it’s stood next to the Edwardian table in the top picture. I’ve sanded the top back (have yet to tackle the fiddly base), but it’s being left for a day or two as I can’t decide which paint to use on it:

The drop leaf with top sanded.

I quite fancy the Farrow & Ball ‘French Gray’ but need to sleep on it…

I’ve done a few small items to restore some oomph; the big items really take it out of me and I needed a little breather before starting more ‘big uns’. There’s a big pine dresser and a large dining set to tackle next. Thankfully the paint shack is looking a little more spacious these days, so I’ve more room to work in inclement weather. I prefer to work outside if possible, but the weather doesn’t always play ball with my desires!

I was hoping to have painted a couple of chairs I bought at auction last week, but my Annie Sloan order hasn’t arrived and I’d set my heart on the new ‘Antoinette’ paint. It looks very pretty, without being too sugary sweet. I’m also waiting for the Autentico Vintage paints to arrive, so that they can be tried on some bigger items.

The business has been very busy since Christmas. I’d expected a quiet spell during January and February, but they were my busiest months to date. I had Christmas day off (but cooked *tut*) and only worked a few hours on Boxing Day, but haven’t had a day off since then. As mentioned above, I’ve gotten a bit tired, so tomorrow I’m off to get my hair cut and will then have a painting break for a couple of days. By Friday my batteries will hopefully be re-charged and it’ll be business as usual. And I guess by Friday afternoon I’ll have paint in my hair and will look like a tramp, as usual:-)

The next couple of posts will cover what I think about the ‘Antoinette’ and also what I think about the Autentico Vintage paint. Don’t forget that I’m hoping to do a paint demo at the end of April/beginning of May. On my home turf (NG23). Tickets are just a fiver, with free refreshments and you will have plenty of time to have a bash with the Autentico Vintage paint and no doubt my Annie Sloan favourites will make an appearance too.