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It’s a nice big, solid pine dresser. It’s been well looked after, but it’s stained with 90’s orange varnish. Here’s the base unit (sunglasses optional):

I did warn you it was orange

Oh and it’s also shiny:

Hubby's job

To get the ball rolling, the shelf to the base unit has been sanded back completely and the rest of it thoroughly sanded to provide a key for the knot blocking and priming:

Starting to look a bit less orange

The top’s also sanded down, washed, left to dry and is now ready for knot blocking:

Top sanded and ready to knot block

Here it is following knot blocking, with the first coat of primer in place:

Knot block + 1 coat of primer

And here it is after the second coat of primer:

Knot blocked + 2 coats of primer

The dresser will now be left to cure overnight.

I was hoping to use one of the Autentico Vintage paints, but my order hasn’t arrived. Neither has my Annie Sloan paint order. I can either wait until Monday (and hope they arrive) and get on with something else tomorrow, or go with my pine dresser favourite, Annie Sloan ‘Old Ochre’ which I’ve got plenty of, or perhaps Farrow & Ball ‘French Gray’. I painted a pine dining set in the French Gray a few weeks back and it did look very pretty, so perhaps I ought to go with that…


It rained heavily yesterday, so I didn’t paint. I was just about to start painting the dresser in the French Gray this morning when a delivery arrived; it was the Autentico Vintage paint. After a quick look at the goodies in the package, I decided to use the ‘Cocos’ shade on the dresser. Here’s the dresser top just after I’d started the first coat:

Ist coat of Autentico Vintage 'Cocos'

And here it is after the second coat:

2nd coat of Autentico Vintage 'Cocos'

As you can see, Cocos is a rich, dark cream/beige shade. The base of the dresser has just had its first coat, it will be second coated tomorrow. The top will hopefully be waxed, if the paintwork doesn’t need more work. Not sure if I’ll get the base waxed – if the weather’s warm it might just be ready late afternoon, if I get it second coated first thing.

It’s a little early to predict, because the dresser top was still drying when lifted back into the paint shack, but it looks as though 2 coats of the Cocos will suffice. It’s not the end of the world to go into 3 coats, but on a big item it makes for a lot of extra work.

My Annie Sloan order arrived today too, so I have the new ‘Antoinette’ to try out. I’ve masked off a chair’s upholstery in readiness for this pretty shade of paint.


An early start today. Hubby and I made the most of the glorious warm weather and got the base unit to the dresser second coated. The dresser top was waxed, whilst the base unit quickly dried in the sun. Then it was time for bells and whistles; those all important finishing touches:

I painted a white rose at the back of each glazed cupboard

I liked these vintage French postal stamps and added a different design to each handle:

Vintage style French postal stamps decorate the handles

We didn’t get finished until dusk, but managed to get the base unit waxed and the dresser finished. I’m knackered!

The Autentico paint was a delight to work with – no surprises, no hiccups, it’s good stuff.

Pine Dresser painted in Autentico Vintage 'Cocos'