Having had a break from dining sets for a few days, I’m now resuming a large oak set that was started a while back (last year in fact), but which had to be abandoned during winter.

The oak table top was/is just too large to manoeuvre in and out of the paint shack with any speed or comfort, and my back just couldn’t stand the lifting for a while. But needs must and for the past couple of weeks the oak top has been worked on as and when I could muster enough enthusiasm to lift it out of the paint shack.

It’s the same oak table I did a post on a while back: https://thebarristershorse.wordpress.com/2011/12/13/no-accounting-for-taste/

Anyway, the top has been fine sanded and dressed, but I’ve changed my mind about the painted base, which I painted in Annie Sloan ‘Country Grey’. I took a look at the French linen fabric today and the colour goes very well with Annie Sloan ‘French Linen’ paint, so I’m re-painting it.

Here’s a pic of the fabric, which I loved as soon as I saw it:

French linen fabric

My dad and I were trying to fathom out the best pattern position on the seat pads when I took the above pic (which is sideways on just in case you thought I fancied the peacock on its side:-)).

So I got back home from my parents to do some work on another item, leaving the upholstery in dad’s hands. AND THEN THE WORLD STOOD STILL. Hubby said 6 words that struck dread into my very heart. Not “I’m leaving you for another woman“. Nope, something far, far worse; so bad I can hardly bring myself to write it down but I shall try. “I think I’ll paint the chairs” he said. I shook from head to foot. Eventually I managed to catch my breath just enough to utter “It’s ok, I’ll do them”. There then followed a ‘domestic’ along the lines of:

You can’t bloody paint”

“It’s only the second coat I have trouble with”

“No it isn’t; it’s me who has trouble with YOUR second coat, because I have to sand the lot back and start again AND it takes me hours to put right your mistakes”.

“Humph, Miss Bleedin’ Perfect” (*hubby stomps off in a huff *) (*I guard the chairs with my life*)

Anyway, after a while, hubby’s bruised ego healed just enough for a sensible conversation about the painting of the chairs. A deal has been made. He’s painting a dresser tomorrow instead. He helped me paint a dining set a while back in Farrow & Ball and made a good job of it, and he helped me with an Autentico Vintage dresser a few days back and made a good job of that too. It’s the Annie Sloan paint he struggles with, so what ever the dresser will be, it won’t be Annie Sloan.

Hubby and wife partnerships are such fun:-)