It’s an idea I’ve had for a while. I’d like to make some vintage style signs. If I crack on with the big dining set, I might just get a day or two to sit down and work out some designs.

Apart from anything else, my back needs a rest from all the furniture lifting now and then, so it would be nice to work on some things that are not quite so heavy.

A little while ago, my regular courier (who is Polish) came to collect a sideboard; a large, solid oak number, which was very heavy. I was helping him lift it to his Luton, when he said “Eez big!”. For a second, I thought he meant the sideboard, but he was looking at my biceps. I was a little embarrassed and sighed at the comment. “Oh, it’s all the furniture humping I do” I said in an apologetic manner”. “No no” said my courier, “eez good; ladies your age usually like this“. At which point he did a flamboyant flapping ‘bingo arms’ movement with the underside of his own arm. “Thanks Gee” said I, “you’ve made me feel so much better!” Off he went, his usual cheerful self, leaving me feeling somewhat ancient and butch for the rest of the day:-)

I should look on the bright side – it would have cost me a fortune at the gym to develop biceps you could crack nuts with:-)