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I hate shopping. I shop online for most things, including groceries, but we were desperately short of provisions today, so I forced myself to go food shopping. As I was driving into town, all the petrol stations had queues and the supermarket petrol station had sold out by 8am today.

Quite what I’ll do regarding the furniture deliveries remains to be seen. Hopefully the couriers will be able to buy fuel somewhere? I do some deliveries myself, but shall have to take things a day at a time. I suppose I could attach a cart to Jasper and deliver my stuff the old fashioned way – “Yes, no problem, I can deliver to Brighton, I’ll set out today and be with you in June if that’s ok?”

On the work front, I’m stuck in the middle of dining chair painting at the minute. Two chairs are painted and waxed, 4 are unfinished. Yesterday’s painting was hard going, but I should make a bit better progress today. Big dining sets always seem never ending and I breathe a sigh of relief whenever they are completed.

I’ve also got a small pine dressing table/desk on the go, along with 2 bedside cabinets.

pine dressing table/desk

The tops have been sanded back, now it’s just a matter of hand sanding the rest of the woodwork prior to the usual pre-painting prep.

pine bedside cabinet