So far I’ve done no work whatsoever on the pupillage applications. It’s amazing what ‘things’ become appealing (and extremely urgent) when I’m faced with form filling. Cleaning the kitchen sink very thoroughly with a Brillo Pad, emptying the bin, sweeping out the paint shack, tidying the paint shack (hell, things were getting desperate), pooh picking the paddock (no I’m not a pervert, it’s just an occupational hazard of being a horse owner), laundry, considering tidying out my drawers (then deciding things weren’t quite that bad yet), considering starting the prep on 6 beech dining chairs (then deciding things definitely weren’t that bad yet) and all manner of other domestic non-jobs. At this rate my house will be tidy by May, but don’t hold your breath on the beech chairs, they look like hours and hours of sanding, priming…

I’ve done a bit of work towards the vintage style signs that I’m hoping to get up and running shortly. There are a couple of definite designs and a couple of maybe’s. Next step is to buy some wood to make them with – that’ll be another nice little distraction from form filling; an afternoon visiting the DIY stores and/or timber merchants to see what’s suitable. Then there’s the small task of trying to work out how to get some new fonts onto my computer, or rather onto the right programme on my computer. I’ve downloaded them, but can’t work out how to get them where they need to be. A very nice and polite 6 year old made it look really easy on YouTube. Pah! He must be a child genius; it’s certainly not my fault that they won’t appear where I want them to:-)

The big oak dining set has suffered a set back. The linen fabric that I bought only covered 4 of the 6 chairs, so I had to order some more. My dad was busy working out the pattern match this evening and fretting about the wastage (it’s a large pattern and I wanted a peacock on every seat). Hopefully it will all be finished soon, but I might have to wait a day or two for decent weather to take the photographs. A hosepipe ban came into force in Lincolnshire last week and we’ve had rain every day since!

I’m quite low on ‘raw’ stock at present and need to spend a couple of hours moving furniture across the road to the coach house, so that I can make room in the paint shack for some fresh items to refurbish. Before all that though, I really do need to at least make a start on those application forms.

Wednesday Evening

Just managed to get the dining set (the ‘big un’) finished and photographed before the heavens opened. Here it is:

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