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I bought a metal trunk at auction a few weeks back. It wasn’t the prettiest thing, but I thought it would do as a ‘rainy day’ project. Although the surface of the trunk has rust, there’s no rust rot and the trunk is sturdy:

A metal trunk

I’m short on stock at the minute, so brought out the trunk today and gave it a good going over with a wire brush. Hubby came outside and smirked – he thought I’d lost the plot when I bought the trunk. I remained dignified and pretended he wasn’t there:-)

The trunk was then painted with a special paint for use on rusted metal. I’ve used this paint before on our rusty oil tank and it’s good stuff. It wasn’t the most pleasant product to use – smelly and thick and gloopy, but it did the trick. So, the metal trunk was painted with 2 coats of the paint, in black satin finish. Here it is drying out:

Metal trunk painted black

It was enjoyable to work on something a little different and my hubby nodded in approval when it was finished (a rare accolade indeed!). My next job is to decorate the trunk with some vintage images and advertisements, which will be glued on, sized and finally varnished to seal them in place. When it’s all finished, it should make a groovy coffee table or storage trunk.


I decided to use a maritime theme for the trunk and have glued some vintage images on the trunk that are going to dry overnight.


Here’s the trunk with the images in place:

My next job is to size and varnish the images and then it’s finished:

And then I have a couple of really nice items to refurbish. One is a beautiful Victorian dressing table, with slender Queen Anne legs, the other a bureau, also with Queen Anne legs and some attractive veneers. There’s a fair bit of work to do to both of them and I think they will make interesting items to blog about. The dressing table is very feminine in shape, so I’m planning on a ‘girly’ refurbishment – something ultra feminine, most likely Annie Sloan ‘Antoinette’. The bureau may be painted to order for a customer who missed out on a similar bureau that I sold a few weeks back. Pics of them ‘in the raw’ to follow tomorrow.