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The big stuff I’ve got to work on is on hold because of the weather. My paint shack is packed to the rafters and I can’t work in there at the minute. I’ve got a few items going out this week, which will give me chance to move things about a bit – then hopefully normal service will resume. Each time I tried to move things today, the heavens opened, so I gave up.

In the meantime, my kitchen has become a temporary paint shack and I’ve a vintage cabinet in there that’s being painted in Annie Sloan ‘Paris Grey’ and ‘Old White’. It has the most slender, tapered, elegant legs, with a very stylish look about it. It would have cost a small fortune in its heyday. The top has a glass cover, which I’m going to make use of, by painting an artwork that will be protected by the glass.

Fed up with the rain, I went to an auction viewing today and spotted an absolutely gorgeous bureau. The varnish is tired and peeling on top (always a good sign for me because it puts off the bidders who just buy to sell straight on again). But look past the superficial wear and tear, the bureau has the most glorious bulbous carved, stumpy legs (I never thought I’d find myself getting hot under the collar by short, fat, stumpy legs, but there you go; that’s life). Loads of detail to work with and a good solid piece of Edwardian oak to coax into being, once again, lovely to look at.

So, from skinny, elegant legs that most super models would be proud of, to short, fat, stumpy ones; I seem to have acquired a bit of a leg fetish:-)

My hubby has been working on a dining table up at my parents. I haven’t seen it since it disappeared up there on Monday morning. He hasn’t mentioned it much. I’m just starting to get a tad nervous. I’m not very good at the diplomatic “Oh yes, it’s lovely” speeches. Perhaps I should sneak up there tomorrow and have a little look!

I also started work on a large, hideous mirror today. I can freely admit that it’s ugly and hideous because it’s ours. It belonged to a relative, who gave it to my hubby a couple of years ago. Dark green and gold ‘bling’ to work on. I’ve painted it white, just to get rid of all the gold and to then take a look at what I can build on. I quite fancy a pale duck egg, with some of the white peeking through. It looks better already. I’ll leave a bit of the bling on show, but the original gold wasn’t a nice gold shade and I cringed every time I looked at it.


The cabinet was waxed this morning, then I nipped off to the auctions and bought the chunky legged bureau. I also bought a dressing table, which has some lovely pale veneers, which I think are burred walnut. I’m not sure whether to paint the shell of the dressing table, or whether to tidy it up and sell it ‘as is’. I’ll have a better look at it over the next day or two and see what I think.

I’ve just drawn the outline of the artwork that I’m going to paint on the skinny legged cabinet. Here it is, pencilled in:

drawing in the outline for artwork

In the pic below, I’m just starting the outline of a hummingbird – the beak has just been done:

the beginnings of a hummingbird

 I’ll probably paint in the artwork tonight when things are a little quieter; I find that I need to be very relaxed to do the ‘twiddly bits’ and at the moment there are too many odd jobs to catch up on. Once they’re out the way, I can chill and paint.

A little later…

The artwork is finished. Here it is looking a bit bright due to the flash on my camera:

Cabinet with hummingbird artwork

There’s just a few finishing touches to do in the morning, but my eyes are tired, so best to quit whilst I’m ahead.