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Hubby and I met up with some friends today for a couple of hours. We made our way home afterwards and called off at my parents en route.

You can have a look at the table whilst you’re here” said hubby. I didn’t rush out to the workshop (although I wanted to), but played it cool instead. Eventually, I went out there and saw the table stood up on my dad’s large work area. “What do you think?” said hubby, somewhat nervously. “It looks lovely” said I. And it did. The top has sanded back to a lovely pale oak and the paintwork is very good too. Farrow & Ball ‘French Gray’ suits it well.

Have a look around it and see if there’s anything needs doing?” said hubby. I scrutinised and spotted a tiny bit that had a glimpse of the primer showing through and there was a tiny bit of build up to one edge. “I’ll sand that bit down” said I. A voice from the doorway said “Careful, careful, you’ll ruin his paintwork“. It was my dad. It would appear that moi is being bullied by the two men in her life. They have conspired against me whilst I have been elsewhere. ME, ruin HIS paintwork! How dare they? Humph! My little person syndrome will not put up with such wanton chauvinism. As soon as these pupillage applications are out of the way, I’m going to be the one wearing the trousers¬†around here, you just wait and see:-) Turn my back for 5 minutes and I’ve a mutiny on my hands. A hostile takeover, no less, by those nearest and dearest to me. To add insult to injury, my dad quipped “You see, there’s a nice bit of shine to the paintwork, not like the stuff you do” (My dad doesn’t ‘get’ chalk paint). I ignored him.

Actually, it might all work quite well. Hubby can be the Farrow & Ball painter, I can do the chalk paints. Yes, I think that might work out quite nicely. I’ll put that proposal to hubby later and see what he says.

The cabinet I’ve been working on didn’t get photographed yesterday – the weather was awful, but I managed to grab some pics today. Here it is: