Well, this is my 100th blog post. And as if that isn’t amazing enough, I still have people who visit the blog:-)!

It is nice to see the readership grow. I don’t mind admitting, that my first few posts attracted just one or two visitors, but as time has gone by, the blog has gained momentum.

I love reading the blog stats. The majority of visitors are from the UK, but I have a fair amount from the USA, a few from Australia and a handful from other countries.

The search terms that bring people here still make me laugh. This month’s winner has to be ‘Knackered Barrister’ (who visited twice, just to make sure). Now wait a minute; there’s no need to be that rude. I’m not knackered, just knocking on a bit. In second place came ‘I hate Annie Sloan paint’, who also visited my blog twice, perhaps hoping for some sympathy from my hubby, who isn’t that keen on it himself (but for the purposes of fairness, I happen to love the stuff). Third place goes to ‘Horse Barrister’ who visited me on several occasions one day, no doubt pissed off because he/she just couldn’t find out whether he/she had a case against a dodgy horse dealer and wondered why there were pictures of part painted furniture all over the place. I did wonder if I might get an email “Hi, I love the chair you have for sale, can you tell me if I can sue for being sold a horse that attacks me every time I try to put the saddle on?”. (And just in case you’re wondering, the answer is ‘It depends’).  

Moving onto something slightly more sensible. I’m in a silent panic over the pupillage applications. I have until next Thursday to get all 12 applications in and haven’t started one yet. I’ve a telephone table/seat to second coat tomorrow, and then plan on spending the rest of the day tackling a few of the applications. The table that my hubby painted needs to be photographed, but seeing as he did a good job of the painting, I’ll leave him to it, to finish the job off proper. Monday has also been earmarked for applications, and probably Tuesday too. Hopefully I’ll have them all done by Wednesday because the online portal always crashes on the last day when everyone tries to submit applications at the last minute.

Last year, my applications all went in weeks before the deadline, but this year I’m woefully dilatory. Once the applications have been submitted, I can forget about it all for a few weeks – interviews don’t take place until the summer. It’s been a very unsettled week, and I’m not talking about the weather! The rest of my working life hangs in the balance.

The Autentico Vintage Chalk Furniture Paint should be here next week. I can’t wait to try some of the new colours I’ve ordered. There’s just one week left before the Freebie deadline is up, so do leave a comment on my Autentico Vintage Chalk Paint page if you fancy the chance of a free pot of paint.

There will probably be radio silence for a few days, whilst I get to grips with the applications, but I have some interesting items lined up for refurb, so do stay tuned.