I bought a lovely set of chairs a while back and have already painted one of them. You might remember it; I used the new Annie Sloan colour ‘Antoinette’ for the first time:

Antoinette Chair

There was quite a lot of interest in the chair, so I’m painting another one in the same colour. Unfortunately, despite cleaning the upholstery, the original fabric wasn’t up to scratch, so the latest one has been newly upholstered. Here it is with the fabric in place:

New fabric on antique chair

I won’t be putting the trim around the edges until the chair’s been painted; this will allow me a small margin with the paintbrush, so I hopefully shouldn’t get paint on the fabric. I love the contrast of the dark wood against the vintage pink, so intend to do similar paint effects on the latest chair.

I’m truly fed up with the constant rain now. I want to push on with some prep and painting, but need to work outside for the ‘dirty work’. I can work under Jasper’s stable canopy if there’s light rain, but the current rain is the ‘get you from all angles’ stuff, so I’m struggling.


Before painting the chair, I covered the new fabric with plastic to protect it. Here it is looking very glamorous, with carrier bags cut out to make a protective covering:

plastic in place and ready to paint

And here it is with the first coat in place:

first coat of Antoinette

As with the first chair I painted in Antoinette, I’ve left lots of the original ebony finish on show. The contrast really shows off the carved detail and adds texture to the wooden framework. I lightly sanded the woodwork and thoroughly wiped it down prior to painting, but haven’t used a primer because I want the original dark shades to show through in parts. It will mean that I’ll have to do 3 coats of paint in parts, but I have the flexibility of choosing where I want the colour to be opaque and where it will be translucent.

Hubby is re-upholstering the remaining 2 chairs, so I guess chair painting is on the menu for a while, as I’m unable to prep the big items outside.


Here’s the chair after I finished painting:

Antique chair painted in Annie Sloan Antoinette

 It will be waxed tomorrow and then the fabric edges will be trimmed in readiness for the embroidered trim that will add the finishing touch. I eagerly await the hot glue gun and associated blistered fingertips *ouch*.

Yesterday was a washout. Jasper had a new friend when I went to bring him in from the paddock. A duck had spotted the pond that had formed in the paddock and had taken up residence. Jasper didn’t look too impressed with his new companion and I wasn’t too impressed with the floods either.

I’ve been on edge all day waiting for the vet to visit Jasper, who is still quite poorly. Looks like I’ll be getting another hefty bill for another ‘I don’t know?” diagnosis. We know Jasper has Cauda Equina Syndrome. We don’t know how he got it, why he got it, or why, after 2 years he’s taken a turn for the worse. Thank goodness Jasper was sweated up when the vet came, otherwise I’d have been carted off by the men in white coats. My poorly horse was attentive and wallowed in all the attention. Ears forward, eyes bright, greedily scoffing mints and leaning out the stable to show the vet his clever trick of throwing all the stable tools across the yard. Looks like I’ll be painting quite a lot of furniture for the next few weeks, just to keep up with the vet’s bills.

After the vet had gone, I carried on with some painting in the garden and let Jasper out for a graze. Picking up a paint brush was just the thing to help me chill… Until I heard hubby shouting and looked up, just in time to Jasper making his way into the crowded paint shack to inspect the furniture:-)  

Pics of the finished chair to follow…