I’m a sucker for barley twist legs and a sucker for deep duck egg shades too, so I really like the idea Jools has for her barley twist sideboard, which she intends to paint in Autentico Vintage ‘Winter Sky’. I nearly always plump for a medium to dark shade of paint on Edwardian furniture, and barley twist legs are usually of that era. Autentico have kindly offered me a replacement for the pot I’m giving away, so a thankyou goes out to Eric.

Today has been a day of odds and ends. It rained heavily again, so moving big stuff about was out of the question. My dad has been re-upholstering a chair, as well as working on some new veneers that have been added to bureau drawers. I’ve waxed the ‘Antoinette’ chair and have also painted another chair, but progress hasn’t been great. The first of the Autentico paint orders went out today and it felt quite strange sending them off; it’s usually me who is waiting for packages of paint to arrive.

Tomorrow I have a lot of furniture packing to do in preparation for items going out in the next few days. Hopefully I’ll get a few items moved out of the paint shack and across the road to the coach house. I really do need some space in there, but every time I’ve planned to move stuff, it’s rained.

Never mind, once the weather improves it’ll be all systems go and I’ll no doubt be wishing for a little rain to give me a breather.